About us


About us

Deutz Parts Warehouse

Proven Recruiting Success

Extensive Experience

Diesel Pro Staffing has gained extensive experience, has formed strong relationships, and has achieved tremendous results with many industry leaders within the diesel engine / diesel generator and heavy equipment spaces. DPS serves employers seeking to hire diesel professionals within the United States.

Long History

For the past 22 years, finding and staffing Field Service Technicians, Shop Mechanics, Parts Sales, or Branch Managers has been something DPS consistently does at a faster, more accurate, and affordable cost than our client companies were accustomed to.

Growing To Better Serve You

The purpose of this corporation is to continue to offer superior services to our valued customer base and to serve our constantly growing customer base within the diesel engine, diesel generator, heavy equipment (construction equipment, earth moving equipment, agriculture equipment, heavy trucks, garbage trucks, semi-trucks, etc.) spaces. 

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